Doors and metal lids made for Damen Shipyard Galati in 2005-2009;

Floatable floor made for Maritime Interior Braila in 2007-2010;

Weather, sound and classy insulation set for STX Braila, STX Tulcea and Helmers Galati in 2006-2010;

Ventilation systems made and set for Navrom Reparations, Maritime Interior and STX Braila in 2005-2010;

Steelwork for Hercules Braila;

Electric sets for Retec SA Galati between 2008-2009;

Locksmiths part made on Vega River ship in 2008;

Galvanized sheet padding on ships for STX Tulcea, STX Braila, Damen Shipyard Galati between 2007-2010.